Tv Cancellations 2013

tv-cancellations-renewals-imageEvery year dozens of new televisions show premiere across all the major networks. Some of these shows will be a hit and keep us glued to the edge of our seat for months and years to come, but some will only be with us for a short time. The problem is that when a show is cancelled or placed on hiatus, there is seldom any explanation given or even a notice that its schedule has been changed. This can leave viewers frustrated and wondering where the show they were just getting into has gone. The honest truth is that networks are often times embarrassed when a show fails to live up to its expectations and hopes that they can pretend it never happened by simply not acknowledging it at all.

Fortunately, there are several ways to keep up on the shows you love and to see what their status is with the network. The easiest of which is through the internet. There are several web sites that exist just to keep track of which shows have been renewed and which have been cancelled. For example, keeps a rolling list, by date, of shows that have gone off the air and a separate list of those who have had their contracts renewed. By having both an active and cancelled list, you’re virtually assured to find the information you need on your show. Another way to use the internet to track a show’s status is through its network website. When a show is cancelled from a major network, they take down the links that promote it almost immediately, they treat it like it never happened, if you visit the home network for a program you enjoy and you do not find any links to past episode information or a slot on its current calendar, then its likely your show has been cancelled.

The sad fact is that television is an ever changing arena where a show may work one day and not the next, cancellations are a reality where ratings effect what networks can and cannot show. Fortunately, you can keep track of the shows you love and support them through the internet. If you’re worried your favorite show might be cancelled, don’t hesitate to write the network, at the end of the day they make money based on what you watch.