Premio Tv Y Novelas 2013

tvnovelasThere is no better way to enjoy lightbox actors and actresses from the Latin television than in the spectacular awards presentation Tv y Novelas. The carpet arrivals at Imperial World Forum in the scenic and gorgeous city of Acapulco, presented by Televisa, dress up not only the villains, the sustained beauties, heroes, producers and directors, but also presents in tray of silver those favorite characters to whom who you fell in love day after day through the telenovelas or soap operas.

Premios Tv y Novelas is the most awaited presentation for the Latino and Spanish speaking audiences year after year, displaying total elegance and extreme beauty, whilereliving the highlights of each of the productions that give rise to this event, and of course the main characters in full regalia of their best attributes live and in full color.

Being the most important Latino awards program, Univision is pleased to transmit to the Hispanic audience in the United States. With a host of the best programs, telenovelas and a parade of stars, Televisa proudly exalts the acclaimed productions of the Mexican television, conducting one of the finest entertainment shows for the Hispanic television.

For many years, Televisa has strived to reward not only Mexican productions, but also has included in its nominations, Colombian productions that have been transmitted both in Mexico and Latin America. Televisa, together with the number one Spanish speaking magazine TV y Novelas, brings to the small screen the awards for the best novelas, best actress and actor in a leading role, using impeccable rigor formats, achieving to present the best televised Latin awards show in America.

What makes the show be so desired and expected by millions of viewers? Through the novelas you fall in love, you fight, you cry and you also laugh, meanwhile, the most widely read magazine TV y Novelas, fills in with gossip and intimate details of your favorite characters, while narrating what you have been missing from your favorite shows, this is where the binding between Televisa and the magazine TV y Novelas presents a show of stars that has been reaffirmed as the best annual extravaganza over time.

With honorary awards and nominations in advance, the faithful viewers may choose their favorite actors and novelas, starting the race for who will win the coveted statuette, raising the ratings; it is the audience who vote and it is the audience who commands.