Tax Free Weekend 2013

taxesThere are some rules are regulations concerning products and services sold during tax free weekend in USA. For example, Massachusetts does something every state should do from time to time. This state has what is a called tax free weekend where all purchases made in this state that total less than $2,500 are exempt from state sales tax. This allows a person to save just over six percent of their purchases. This weekend was a big success in 2012 and is currently being scheduled for 2013. The state is thinking about holding this weekend once again in August. They also cannot be used for business and industry purposes. All items purchased by a business will still be taxed. Alcoholic products will also be except. Cars, trucks, gas, tobacco, and meals will not be part of this tax exemption. A person in this state does not usually pay sales tax on clothing unless their purchase is more than $175. If a person buys clothing during the tax free weekend and it totals more than $2,500 they will not be taxed on the first $175 of their purchases. The remaining amount is subject to sales tax.

The tax free weekend states that the exemptions relate to single items. The total amount of money that a purchase add up to will not be taxed. It the items is less then $2,5000 no tax will have to be paid. If the items is more then this amount the person has to pay tax on the difference. Coupons will be allowed to be used for items and will also be tax free. This tax free weekend also covers items that were purchased over the internet in this state as long as they follow the price. Rentals and items that are not tangible will not be included in the tax exempt weekend. People still have to pay taxes on hotel rooms as well. People work hard all year and pay their taxes. One weekend out of the year the people of Massachusetts are given a break and can buy the items they need without having to worry about paying sales tax.